My event is cancelled, how can I delete an event on Pelago?

To delete an event on Pelago, edit your event from your event dashboard under My Hosted Events.

1. If your event is Public, set it as Private so that it no longer appears on Pelago explore screen.



2. You then need to disable your tickets. To do so click on the Ticket Type from the same screen, your Ticket Type Details screen will appear. Click on "Disable Ticket Type" at the bottom of the screen.


TIP: You may then change your event's date to today's date, so your event gets archived tomorrow to your Past Events tab.

3. Contact your guests to let them know of the cancellation.  You can get a full detailed list of your registered guests by tapping the export guest list icon at top right of your Guest Ticket List page and tapping Send Detailed Report button. 


This list will include the contact email address of each of your guest registrations so you can send a bcc email notification to all guests to let them know what has changed on your event. 

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