How do I purchase a "promo" or "secret" ticket on Pelago?


If the organizer has set-up promo / secret tickets accessible with a code then the tickets section of the event page on web or on the Pelago app will include a field where you can enter your ticket access code.

Pelago app

On the Pelago app, just type your code in the box that says "Enter your ticket access code" the  tap "Book Now".


The promo/secret ticket will then be displayed on the Purchase Ticket screen with a distinct icon. Select the quantity of tickets you want to buy and press "Continue". You can then book your secret tickets!

Pelago event web page

On the Pelago event web page, just type your code in the box labelled "Ticket access code" as in the illustration below (see the hot pink arrow):



Once you have entered your code, tap on the tick box on the right, as in the illustration below (see hot pink arrow):



You will then see your ticket type revealed for booking. The illustration below also shows the special ticket type icon associated with your promotional ticket type (see hot pink arrow):


You can now book your promotional tickets!

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