What are the advantages of using Pelago?

Our vision is threefold:

- To provide a global self-service platform that provides a much improved way for existing organisers to manage events of all sizes. 

-  To enable would-be organisers who have a talent and passion they would like to share and even earn income along the way.

 - To create a system where users can enjoy finding events without hassle.


In a nutshell, Pelago can bring you

As an organiser :

- An easy way to create your event, promote it and sell tickets or allow free registrations online both on web and mobile. It takes a few minutes to create and publish an event on Pelago, and you do so from your mobile phone. Simple! 

- A dashboard that automatically tracks your ticket sales or registrations, in real time, accessible from your mobile phone. 

- A way to build your event invite lists from various channels, send out invitations, and market your event on social platforms - Pelago is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. 

- A tool to manage your guests check-in either using the Pelago ticket scanner or manually with your mobile phone.

As an attendee:  

- You can search for events in your area easily from your phone.

- Get invited to events you may not have discovered otherwise. 

- Book events quickly and simply.


To discover all the other things that Pelago can do for you, please read all sections bellow. 

Or just try it out for yourself... 


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