How much does it cost to use Pelago?

It is completely free to use Pelago for free events. There are no monthly charges or set-up fees and Pelago gives you access to powerful event promotion, event registration and reporting tools.

For paid events, Pelago a service fee on tickets sold. The service fee is composed of the Pelago fee and the payment gateway fee.

Pelago fee
If your event is paid, we charge a percentage fee plus a fixed fee per ticket to cover our service charges. See the table below for service fees in each currency.

Payment gateway fee
A payment processing fee also applies as set by the payment gateway. Pelago currently uses Stripe and PayPal to accept payments when you set-up a paid event. See the links to PayPal and Stripe in the table below for their latest fee structure. PayPal and Stripe currently charge the same fee amount in Hong Kong which is 3.4% + 2.35 HKD per transaction.

Currency Pelago service fee Payment gateway fee Supported payment methods
HKD 2.5% + 8 HKD

See PayPal fees

See Stripe fees

Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub, Amex, PayPal
SGD 2.5% + 1.40 SGD

See PayPal fees

See Stripe fe

Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub, Amex, PayPal 
USD 2.5% + 1 USD

See PayPal fees

See Stripe fees

Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub, Amex, PayPal  

* All currencies are charged at 2.5% + 1 USD equivalent

Setting-up your fees (either include in ticket price, add to ticket price or split fees)

You can choose when you set-up the event to either:

1) Include the fees in the ticket price (organizer pays the fees)
2) Add the fees to the ticket price at the time of purchase (guest pays the fees)
3) Split the fees between the guest and the organizer (eg. absorb Pelago fee and charge Payment gateway fee on top of ticket price, or charge 8 HKD fixed fee per ticket to the guest and absorb the rest). 

Options 1) and 2) can be set-up by yourself in the app when creating the event. For splitting fees, please contact us at


Let's assume your ticket price is 300HKD. 

The total service fee including the payment gateway fee plus the Pelago service fee adds up to 5.9% + 10 HKD per ticket, ie. 27.7HKD for a 300HKD priced ticket.

1) You include the fee in the ticket price

The gross sales proceeds per ticket will be 300HKD, your net proceeds will be 272.3HKD per ticket (300 - 27.7).

2) Your charge the fee to the guest

The fee is added and charged to the ticket buyer at the time of purchase. The gross sales proceeds per ticket is 327.7HKD. Your net ticket proceeds will be 300HKD per ticket.

3) You split the fees

You decide to split the fees and for instance charge the fixed fee of 10HKD to the attendee and include the variable fee of 5.9% in the ticket price.

The gross sales proceeds per ticket will be 310HKD. Your net ticket proceeds will be 282.3HKD per ticket (310 - 27.7).


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