Can I create different types of tickets for one event? i.e. VIP

Yes you can. When you are creating your paid event, on the create event page, click into ‘add ticket type’ and write VIP or whichever type of ticket you wish to create, and input the information in the other sections such as price, number of tickets available, etc.. accordingly. You can add as many different ticket types for one event as you would like. All ticket types will be pending until you make them live, from your event dashboard, on the date you want to start selling your tickets.


This allows you as an organizer:
- to create tickets that you may want to use solely for promotional purposes by using the "Give Ticket". By "creating" a ticket type but not publishing, only the organizer can see these tickets.
- to create ticket types in advance of publishing, so that when the time comes to publish, you only need to click a button. Imagine you have an idea for a flash sale, you know what you want to name the tickets "Hot tickets now!", you know the price for example will be 50% off the original ticket price and you know these tickets will only be available for 24 hours, so you can create the ticket type with the name, price and description ahead of time. Then when you are ready to make them available for purchase, you simply edit the event, open the ticket type and "Make Live", save your event and Voila, flash sale in progress !
When you want to take down this ticket type, simply edit your event, open the ticket type and select "Disable ticket" and save your event. This ticket type is no longer visible on the Event Details page and can no longer be used. If you want another flash sale or any other ticket type, just create a new one, no problem."

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