How do I schedule the expiring date for early bird ticket types?

With Pelago you can specify a specific date and time for automatic expiry of early bird ticket types.

Pelago will send you as the organizer a reminder email 24 hours in advance of your ticket type expiring. 

And your organizer dashboard will include expired ticket types.  So if you want to re-enable an expired ticket type, just edit and save.  

Below is the view of the edit ticket type page with "Ticket type early expiry" in default OFF position.  This means the ticket type will be valid through to the end date of your event.



Below is the view of the edit ticket type page where the organizer has set the "Ticket type early expiry" to the ON position, and set to expire on 8 May at 8pm. 

(NOTE: The timezone from the event date/time is used for the ticket type expiry date/time. You can see more information here.)  




In this example, Pelago will send you the organizer an email at 8pm on 7 May (24 hours in advance) to remind you there is a ticket type about to expire.  This will give you the chance to update your ticket type if you want to change the expiry date or any other aspect of your ticket type.  Or you can do nothing and just let the ticket type expire.  

Once your ticket type expires, your audience will not be able to register any more on this ticket type. And this ticket type will be displayed as "Expired" on your event booking page.  You will continue to see this expired ticket type on your organizer dashboard where you can see the ticket type metrics.  This means you can either update or copy this ticket type in the future if needed.

If you do not want your ticket type to display on the event ticket purchase page as "Expired",  then you can disable your expired ticket type at any time from your mobile dashboard.  Disabled tickets are not displayed on your event page.  Note, if you disable your ticket type it will also no longer be available on your organizer dashboard. 

When in your event dashboard, through My Hosted Events, click Edit top right. Then click on the ticket type you want to disable. You will see a Disable button at the bottom.  Just tap and confirm.


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