Concessions or complimentary tickets – am I able to give away tickets?

Yes. There is a special functionality available for this sole purpose so that you can give away free tickets and keep track of those. Simply click ‘Give Ticket’ in the Ticket type section from your event dashboard screen. 


You just then enter your guests' email addresses separated by coma, up to ten at one time. To give away multiple tickets to the same guest, you will need to enter the email address as many time as the number of tickets you want to give away.

Your guest will receive their ticket in their email inbox (and in the app).




When you download your Guest Ticket List excel sheet, you will see a "Given" column which shows which tickets you sent as complementary tickets!

To make the tracking of complimentary tickets even easier, we recommend to create a special private ticket type with 0 price tickets (that you can name "VIP/Media/etc..) - don't forget to set this ticket type as PRIVATE! 

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