How do people find out about my event?

There are many ways that you can promote your event through Pelago:

Pelago allows you to build your invite lists and to send invitations to your event via email. Invite lists are built by importing contacts from your phone and very soon email, Dropbox and Facebook. 

Your event details will be accessible by your guests and tickets available for purchase both through mobile and through the web via a link in the email invite.

If your event is public, Pelago users will also be able to access it through a catalogue of events which they can scroll through when they log onto the Pelago app – the Explore page. One can also search events through this page to find events they may like, by using hashtags, event name, organizer name or simply an interest.

Events can also be shared on Facebook both by organisers and by attendees (if allowed by the event organiser) - this feature will be available in the next coming release.


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