How do I import contacts to my event page?

If you have already created an invite list then that list will be available from your event dashboard page. <Insert image 'Invite from Lists'>

Click on Invite and you can select the invite list you want to invite from.

You can then either choose to invite all from this list or just selected invitees.

You can also choose to select guests from more than one event list. Once you have chosen who you would like to invite you will be given the option to save for later or invite now. If you choose to invite now a pre set message will appear which you can edit if you wish. This new list can now be saved under a new name so that you can revert to it later. 

If you would like to create a first list or to add a new list, click 'Invite' and then click on the + icon in the top right corner of ‘invite from list’ screen. 

There you will be given the option to either add contacts manually or to import contacts from your phone or from other channels (soon to include file and Facebook). <insert Invite screen>

You will be asked to sign into your various accounts so that we can access your contacts.

Once you have selected where you would like to import from, Pelago will show you your list of contacts/ files/ friend lists. You can select all from the list or just certain people.

Please note – within your contacts, all those marked with a colored Pelago ‘P’ have already signed up to Pelago. All those with a grey Pelago P, have not. 

Once you have finished selecting, click ‘import ‘x’ (number of) contacts’. You will now have created a list which you can either send your invite to now or ‘save for later’ and name your list (it will by default be set to your event name).

If you click 'Invite now' a pre set message will appear which you can edit if you wish. <Insert 'Invite message' screen>

Then you're done. All your friends will receive an invitation to your event.

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