Can I promote my event on Facebook?

Yes, there are a number of ways to promote your event on Facebook.  Here are 3 of the most important ways.  

1. Set your Ticket Link on your Facebook event

The most important is to create your event on Facebook and add the Pelago ticket purchase link.

When you create or edit your Facebook event, you will see this field:




So you just need to copy and paste your Pelago event URL in the Ticket URL field, and then set the On Sale Now or select a date when you want the ticket link to be activated on your Facebook event page.

Not sure how to get your Pelago URL?  There a couple ways to get it. 

Pelago event URL from web page

If you have published your event, you will see your event on the Pelago website at , just click on your event there to display your Pelago event web page.  

Then you can copy and paste the URL in the url address bar of the browser.



Pelago event URL from Pelago app

Or if you have created your event, but not published your event yet, you can get your Pelago web event link from your Pelago app organizer dashboard. Just click on Share, as per the image below.




Then select the "Copy Link" option  (not Facebook for this case).  



Now you have your Pelago event URL in your mobile clipboard and you can go to your Facebook event and "paste" the clipboard into the Ticket URL link. 


2. Share your Pelago event on your Facebook wall

When you click Share on your Pelago app organizer dashboard, you will see a Facebook option.  Select that one in this case.


The app will then ask you to sign into your Facebook account if you are not already signed in.  The app will then prepare a Facebook post where you can add commentary before deciding to publish the post on your Facebook wall.  

This is a great way to get your event noticed by your Facebook friends and audience.  And the post is configured so that when your Facebook audience clicks on the post image or link, your Pelago web event page will open in a browser for them to register to your event.


3. Share your Pelago short link

When you create an event you can get a short link for your event that makes it easier to share on social media, messaging apps and email.

For example, if you create a Pelago event you will get a long URL that is like this example:!/5474/5474-17b5d6ab85a5ecdb1fc41b7dd2523dba7f8bf9a0

Here is a short link for the above example:

If you get in touch with us at and request a short link we can send you one straight away for your event.

Then you can share this short link on your Facebook page, or messaging apps, your email marketing campaigns, etc.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch at !


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