How do I check in guests to my event?

Your event is almost ready, guests are going to arrive in the next few hours. Good luck and make sure you are ready to check in your guests!

Don't forget to bring a spare phone battery or two. Depending on your phone model, the ticket scanner will consume your battery much quicker than normal phone usage.

How to find the Pelago ticket scanner
- go to My Hosted Events
- select the event you are scanning for
- tap Guest Ticket List button
- tap Ticket Scanner button at bottom of screen

Note: you can access the full guest list in the Pelago app Guest Ticket List page. But if for any reason you need to download the latest guest email list just tap on the "export" icon on your Guest Ticket List page as shown in the image below.

Downloading your guest list is as simple as one tap


How to know if a ticket is valid

Most of the time, your guest's ticket will be a valid ticket and everything is smooth as you want it. There will be cases from time to time where a ticket is invalid and it helps to recognize those cases to minimize the stress at guest check-in time.

The scanner shows a SUCCESS! message when scanned


For a FAKE ticket the scanner will show "Ticket Not Found"


For an ALREADY USED ticket the scanner will show "Ticket Already Used" 


For an ALREADY USED ticket the scanner will show "Ticket Already Used" 


For a Pelago ticket but for a different event the scanner will show "Ticket is for a different event"


HOW TO deal with someone who says they have a PayPal payment confirmation but no Pelago ticket

In short, if your guest does not have a valid Pelago ticket then you have to assume they have not paid for the event. It is up to you as the organizer of your event to decide whether to allow them entry or not.

Note the image below shows a typical PayPal "authorization" email which does NOT prove the guest has paid for the ticket.

This PayPal email is admittedly confusing but it is simply a security notification from PayPal to inform the guest that he or she has "authorized" Pelago to charge them for a ticket order. It does not prove the order actually completed successfully.

PayPal "authorization" email does NOT prove the guest has
successfully purchased tickets.


What to do if the guest has no ticket?

If the guest has no Pelago ticket but insists they paid, you can alternatively search their name or email address on the Pelago Guest Ticket List page.

See the image below that shows the Guest Ticket List page where the ticket taker has entered the name of a guest and tapped the search icon. The result of the search shows that this person has two tickets.  You can then tap the empty colored tick box on the right to manually check in these tickets.

If you cannot find any of their details by searching the Pelago guest ticket list in this way, then you should assume the guest has not paid for tickets for your event.

Guest Ticket List search results 

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Have a great event !!


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