Do's & don'ts for event images

We want to make sure your event page looks as good as possible, so when choosing your event images you can follow these basic guidelines.  This will maximize your chances for audience engagement and being one of the editor choices for the Pelago newsletter :)

Craft your image to 2x3 ratio

Pelago event images are landscape layout with a ratio of close to 2 high by 3 wide as possible.  For example, an image that is  430px x 640px is a 2 by 3 image.  Any multiple of 2 by 3 will work.  

Check your image resolution 

Your image should be at least 640px wide to ensure the quality is sufficient for all screen sizes.  Ideally, your image resolution is over 700px wide for even better results.  

Pick a high quality image that little text

(think Facebook, which prevents you from uploading an image with more than 20% of the image containing text):


Images with lots of text, like event posters, make for a messy event page.  You probably spent a lot of time on your event poster, and that is absolutely great for posting on the street.  But all that information you include on the poster is already on your event page. So you don't want to repeat it in your event page image.  Instead you can choose a very engaging image with no text, ideally, that will be very appealing to the eye. 

Note your event image does not have to be literally about your event. It just needs to illicit the emotion you want associated with your event.  So be free and creative.  Your audience will love it.


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