Can I collect more information from my guests such as phone number, etc...

When people register to your event, by default you will collect the following information: first name, last name and email address. If you need to collect more information such as phone number, organization, address, etc... you can use the custom registration fields function.

You can do so either during the event creation flow, or after the event is published from your organizer dashboard.

1/ You are creating the event

Below the Tickets section on the Create Event screen, select "Advanced". 


Then click on "Add Custom Fields". You can then add a question requiring either a Multiple Choice or Text answer. For Multiple Choice you can create as many Options as needed. You may activate the "Required" toggle if you want to make the response mandatory for the guest to be able to proceed to registration. Then Save & Continue.


2/ Your event is already published

You then go to Organizer Dashboard under My Hosted Events.

Select the event you want to update and click "Edit" top right. At the bottom of the screen, in the Registration / Tickets section, select "Advanced". Then select "Add Custom Registration Fields". You can then create a Multiple Choice or Text question as in the screen above.

The information collected is then reported in the Guest Ticket List report that can be extracted from your event dashboard. Click on the Guest Ticket List button on your event dashboard, then click on the icon top right, as in the image below. The Guest Ticket List Excel report is immediately sent to your Pelago account email address.


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