How do I create group tickets?

Creating a group ticket type in Pelago is super easy. 

1. Create your ticket type just like any other, and using the total price of the group tickets as the ticket type price

Example: Let's assume you call this ticket type "Group tix 4 for the price of 3!".  And let's say your standard tickets are 100 HKD each, and you want to offer 4 tickets for the price of 3. In this case the total group ticket price is 300 HKD, so your ticket type price is 300 HKD.


2. Toggle the "Group ticket - multiple QR codes" to ON and set it to the number of entries you want for the group ticket.

Continuing with the example above, for a group of 4 tickets, you set this to 4.



3. Tap "Save" menu item in upper right and you're done!

Now for each 1 ticket your attendee purchases of the "Group tix 4 for the price of 3!", they will pay 300 HKD and get 4 QR codes.

HOT TIP:  just remember, if you do NOT want group tickets setting on your ticket type, then just toggle the "Group ticket - multiple QR codes" to OFF.

We understand our example is quite simple, but you may have another example you would like to discuss with us.  No problem, just get in touch at


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