How do I create and manage promotional and VIP tickets on Pelago?


With Pelago, you can create the workflow you prefer to manage your VIP and promotional tickets.

In summary there are 2 types of approaches:  Give Tickets or Secret Tickets. Your choice will depend on how much control you want over the who receives your promotional tickets, and whether you want to charge for your promotional tickets.


If you want to send tickets to a specific set of email addresses in a highly controlled way, you can create a private standard ticket type and from that ticket type on your organizer dashboard you can tap Give Tickets to send free tickets to a specific email address(es).  Keep in mind you do not collect any money for Give tickets. Even if your ticket type has a price, when you "Give Ticket" this sends the quantity of tickets you specify to the recipient at no charge.  Your ticket inventory for your ticket type will then be deducted by the number of tickets you send. 

The recipient will receive a curated Pelago email informing them they have received tickets to the event, with the QR code tickets attached as PDF. 

Note to Give Tickets on app is practical only for a limited number of recipients so if you want help to send to a large number simply get in touch with us at and we can arrange to send for you.

See here on how to create and manage give tickets



If you want to offer discounted or free tickets more generally to anyone who has the secret ticket code, then you would create Secret ticket type and define one or more secret codes to distribute to an audience.

So you have less control over who registers with Secret tickets but you have the flexibility of specifying 0.00 (free) or any price you want for your secret ticket types. 

Your potential attendee simply enters the secret ticket code on your event page (in app or on web) to access this ticket type, selects the desired quantity and makes payment as appropriate.

See how to create Secret tickets here




GIVE Tickets

SECRET tickets


(no payment involved in give tickets)

Free or any price

(normal payment required for tickets that are not specified as 0.00 price)

Control on who receives Only those who receive your email can receive tickets

Anyone who has the secret code

(you however can specify a max # tickets per registered email address to limit per person)


Limited # for self-service

Unlimited for full-service

(get in touch at

Only limited by the quantity you specify for the ticket type


For any questions, you can contact us at 

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