How do I mark a ticket as invalid or invalidate a ticket?

As an organizer, there are times where you will need to invalidate a ticket for various reasons.  

A typical use case is where your event occurs on different dates or times, and a ticket-holder changes their mind on which date they want to attend.  In this case, you might issue another ticket via our Give Ticket feature for the ticket-holder's preferred date.  You will then want to invalidate the old ticket so it cannot be used by anyone to gain entry to your event.  So how do you do this? just 3 steps.

Step 1.  Find the ticket holder in your Guest Ticket List from your organizer dashboard in the app. 

In this example, we will be invalidating the "Jim Morrison" ticket. You can find your ticket holder by typing the ticket holder last name or 10-digit ticket code in the search bar and tapping the search icon. 

Note, if you have already re-issued another ticket to your guest, you will see an entry in your Guest Ticket List for every ticket held by your guest.  In this case, you will want to make sure you are invalidating the correct one by checking the 10-digit ticket code or the ticket type. 




Step 2.  Mark the ticket as used 

By tapping briefly on the empty status box for that ticket (see arrow in image below), you will be asked if you want to confirm arrival of the guest.  Don't worry, your guest hasn't actually arrived but we will set this ticket as used in this way. 


The image below shows the prompt that will appear once you tap the status box.  Just tap OK.(you can always undo this later if you update the wrong ticket. By repeating the procedure above you will be asked if you want to unset the status).


When you tap OK to the prompt you will see the ticket status as shown in the image below. This means the ticket is now used so it will not successfully scan. 



Step 3.  Add a note to the ticket to remind yourself

With Pelago you can add a note to any ticket in the app which will be saved and then revealed at ticket scanning time. 

It's a good idea if you are invalidating a ticket to add a little reminder note so if the ticket ever is scanned, then this note can be raised to the ticket scanner.  Here's how you do it.

To begin, you just press and hold in the region of the ticket as shown by the hot pink rectangle in the image below. 


You will then be presented with a prompt as below, where you can type in your note. In this example the event director added a note and put the date at the beginning of the note as added information. 



And that's all you need to do to invalidate your ticket!

Finally let's see how this note is used if this invalid ticket is ever presented for ticket scanning.

If this ticket is scanned, Pelago will inform the ticket scanner that this "Ticket already used", as per the image below. 


You will also notice there is a message saying "Check Notes" which means there has been notes added to this ticket.  If you tap on the > arrow to the right, the message will be displayed as per the image below.


This makes it very clear in case there any questions on event day. 

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