How do download Pelago on my iPad?

You can download Pelago on your iPad and enjoy all of the features of the app on the big screen*.

Here's how.

1. Go to the AppStore on your iPad (as per image below).



2. Enter "Pelago" in the search bar






3. Tap on Search button

Note you won't see Pelago yet and the AppStore will attempt to display the closest match they can find for "iPad" apps. 

Notice the "Filters" dropdown link in the upper left.  That's what we tap on next.



4. Tap on Filters dropdown link

When you tap on the Filters dropdown, you see the below menu.

Tap on the "iPad Only" menu item on the "Supports" line item.




5. Select "iPhone Only"

When you select "iPhone Only" you are telling the AppStore to search for apps that are published for iPhone only, which is the case for Pelago.




6. Download Pelago!

Now you can download Pelago and get ready to publish your event :)

Hot tip:  When you sign up to the app, sign up using email (rather than Facebook).  This will help you as an organizer in case you want to share your account to allow others to help you with organizing or ticket scanning on the day of the event.



If you have any questions, get in touch at


*Note that Pelago has been developed for the iPhone (no iPad specific of the app has been released yet).  So there are a small number of pages where the keyboard will need to be removed to view input fields.

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