How do I manage cash-at-door registrations?

With Pelago you can even manage cash at door registrations.

From your mobile event dashboard, press on Guest Ticket List button and then on Ticket Scanner to get to the ticket scanning screen.

Photo_19-11-2019__3_38_06_PM.png Photo_19-11-2019__3_47_04_PM.png

From the ticket scanning page,  just tap on the "Register Guest" button at the bottom of the screen.


You will then be asked to select the ticket type purchased...


...and then be guided through a single page to enter the guest email and name. 


Once you confirm the guest has accepted the terms and conditions, Pelago will confirm the guest has been added to your event guest list.

When you download the Guest Ticket List, you will see this guest paid cash at the door.


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