How do I make my ticket type private ? (or public?)

If you want to have a ticket type that is not available for sale or view on your event page on the app or web, you can change it from public to private.    

NOTE: just setting your event private is not enough to ensure public cannot see your tickets.  Setting an event private suppresses the event from the Pelago app and website.  However if a user already had your event URL, then that user can still see your event page.  To ensure that even this user cannot register to your event, you want to set each of your ticket types to private.

Start by going to My Hosted Events on the app and tapping on the event you want and tap Edit in the upper right corner of your organizer dashboard.

Then tap on the ticket type you want to update to display the Ticket Type Details screen.  At the bottom of this screen you will see buttons that allow certain functions. One of these is "Make Private" as per the screenshot below. Tap on this button.



Then to confirm this change tap on the Save menu item on the Edit Event screen that is displayed next (see screenshot). 



If you would like to update a ticket type to public, just repeat but tap the "Make Public" button (and please do not forget to Save). 

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