How do I connect my Stripe merchant account to Pelago Connect ?

Using Stripe it is very easy to generate what's called a "Restricted API key" that will simply allow Pelago Connect to make charges and refunds on your Stripe account directly.  This means you will get your event registration proceeds in real-time into your Stripe account.  

First go to Developers menu section and select API Keys as in step 1. in the illustration below.


Then select Create restricted key as in step 2. in the illustration above.

You will then be presented with the restricted key configuration page.  Here you need to do 2 things as illustrated in the screenshot below.

1. Give your key a name - we recommend you use a short name for your company and include "_Pelago" as a suffix.  This will make sure that both you will recognize this API key in the future when reviewing and maintaining your merchant account configuration.  It will also help us at Pelago to recognize the key when reviewing and maintaining your platform configuration.

So for example, if your company name happens to be "Acme Manufacturing Company", you could name this restricted api key simply as "Acme_Pelago".

2. Provide WRITE access to Charges - this gives Pelago the authorization to credit your account with event registration order proceeds. It also gives Pelago the authorization to process refunds for existing orders.  This will be useful in the future when Pelago provides our Pelago Connect clients with their own Admin Dashboard to perform refunds directly on the Pelago platform.  


Once you have done this,  then scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Create Key as in the illustration below.


Then you are presented back to the API keys page where you can see the new Restricted API key is created with the name you had provided.  You then just tap on Reveal Key Token to get your new secret restricted API key. You will then provide this key to your Pelago Connect account manager via a secure communication channel as agreed with your account manager.  

Please keep this key safe as anyone with access to this key can perform the functions you have authorized for this key.   

You can refer to Stripe documentation for further information here

If any questions, just get in touch at

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