How do I delete an event?

If you are an organizer who has a draft or live event you would like to delete, it's super easy on the Pelago app. 

Note that you can only delete events that have no user registrations.  

To delete an event in Pelago that has no user registrations, go to My Hosted Events and tap on either the Draft or Upcoming tabs. 

Scroll down to the event you want to delete.  Then simply "press and hold" for a few seconds and you will then be prompted to confirm you want to delete your event.  

If you choose to delete then this event will no longer appear on any of your My Hosted Event tabs and will no longer be accessible.   

That's it!  If you have further questions, or maybe you deleted an event by accident and want help to recover it, just get in touch at and we'll be happy to help.  


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