How do I use the Pelago web dashboard?

You can access the Pelago dashboard at

You sign into the dashboard using your Pelago account credentials  (username or email, and password).  


Note for organizers, we do not support Facebook login on the organizer dashboard.  We always advise to set up a Pelago account via email address rather that Facebook.  There are a few reasons for this but the primary one is that with an email address account, you can share the account details with others on your team for example when you need help ticket scanning at the door of an event.  

If you need help migrating your existing Facebook account to an email account, just get in touch at

When you have logged in you will be on your Events Control Panel which shows all your Draft and Live events.


You can see 2 menu items on the left.  The Events Control Panel is meant to help event operations, where you can

  • respond to customer queries on orders and tickets by searching on order or ticket details
  • resend orders/tickets to the original purchaser or any other email recipient
  • download events, orders or tickets reports

The Events Performance area is to help with event finances, where you can

  • do a query between any two dates to get the overall financial performance for all events with an end date between your chosen report start and end dates
  • download your event performance report

The following shows how to access these features.



To search for an event, simply choose the Events Control Panel, type in your search string and tap return or the search icon. 

The Pelago dashboard will use your search string to search across event ID, event name, Location and Organization Name (this field more useful for "all location" admin users).




In this example, the user is searching on the string "fighters".  

The result is one event as per the screenshot below.





To search for an order or ticket on the Events Control Panel, tap on an event in the events list.  This will display two tabs:

Orders (all):  all orders booked on this event to date

Tickets (all):  all tickets generated from all orders booked on this event to date




From the orders tab if you want to search to find a particular order, just enter your search string and tap on the search icon or return key.   Your search string will be searched across orderID, first name, last name or email address. 

If you want to see the tickets associated with that particular order, just tap on the order.  This will open a new tab for that orderID.  In the example below, we are interested in all tickets associated with orderID 119562 purchased by Buddy Rich.

The same search capability is on the tickets tab if you are looking for a particular ticket details.  Your search string will be applied across ticketID, email address, first name, last name and ticket code. 





To resend tickets to a guest, you actually initiate this from the event order.  So you simply find the order that includes the tickets for resending, tap on the order and then tap on the 3 dots menu at the end of the line on the right as per below.   Then select the "Resend Order" menu. 




This will prompt you for an email address to send the order tickets, defaulted to the order owner email address.



You can update the email address if required and then tap Send.  This will send the order invoice and tickets for that order to the email address specified.




On any tab, you can select the cloud download icon to export a report of that tab.  When you tap on that icon select the Export Report option. 




This will then give you the choice of export format.  Select the preferred format and confirm. 

Your report will then be downloaded.  



If you select Send Order & Ticket Report,  the event owner will be sent the combined order and ticket report exactly as is currently sent from the Organizer Dashboard in the Pelago app.



To get a summary of event performance for any past or upcoming live events, choose the Events Performance side menu.  You can choose from and to dates for the report.  The report includes all events that have completed on or between your chosen report dates.  




If you have any questions or suggestions for further features,  please get in touch at


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