How do I integrate the short codes for the Pelago Connect Wordpress plugin?

With Pelago Connect Wordpress plugin, you can display your events directly on your website.  All you need to do is install the Pelago Connect Wordpress plugin (contact to get access to the latest plugin) and then insert the associated Wordpress short codes on your website where you would like the events to appear.

We have 2 Wordpress plugin short codes:  

Events List View - which shows the next upcoming X events as event cards on your website, where X can be configured to any number.

Events Calendar View - which shows all of your past and upcoming events in a month by month calendar view.

Note both views are completely responsive web implementations so they look great on any laptop or mobile device.

Events List View

An example of the Pelago Connect short code for the events list view is the following:

[pcc_event_list per_page="4" page="1" visibility="1" status="Live" img_size="480"]

This implementation of the short code with these particular parameters appears as below (see the area within the dotted line).



The parameters associated with the events list view short code are described here:


the number of upcoming events to display as event cards


the number of web pages to display


whether to show private ("0"), public ("1") or both public and private ("3") events


whether to show draft ("0") or live ("1") or both draft and live ("3") events


the image width of event image (in pixels) to use for the event cards.  the best performance (smallest resolution) is 240px.  The following resolutions (in pixels) are available:  240, 480, 590, 640, 720, 890, 1080).  NOTE: If you choose any resolution greater than 240, please discuss with your technical website support to ensure page load performance is sufficient for your needs including Google SEO ranking.  


Events Calendar View

An example of the Pelago Connect short code for the events calendar view is the following:


There are no parameters associated with the events calendar view short code.  An example of the result of using this short code is shown in the illustration below.



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