Why publish a free event on Pelago if I don't need paid tickets?

This is a great question that we have heard many times. 

Here are 3 great reasons why you would want to consider Pelago for your free event:

1. You get free advertising to the Pelago audience by putting your event on the Pelago website.

The Pelago website is viewed by many 10's of thousands of people each month, people who are looking for events just like the one you are promoting.  So the sooner you get your event on Pelago, the sooner those thousands of potential attendees can get a chance to book your event :)

2. Your event may also be included in our Pelago newsletter which goes out to 10's of thousands of our Pelago audience in Hong Kong. 

We send out a curated list of events by email to our 10's of thousands of Pelago newsletter subscribers.  And email is still the number 1 digital marketing conversion tool available.  

How do you increase the chance your event will get included in the Pelago newsletter?  There are definitely steps you can take to make this happen.  See our Pelago blog post on SEO for events for tips.  Any event that uses good SEO practices as per these tips has a great chance of being included in the newsletter.

3. Your Pelago event registrations help you build your own audience for your events. 

As you get registrations to your event on Pelago, you are building a direct relationship that you can maintain and build on over time.  As an organizer, you have on-going access to your previously event attendees so you can keep them engaged and re-engaged over time as your event brand grows. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ideas, feel free to get in touch at support@pelago.events

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